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Probate and Estate Administration

Massachusetts Probate and Estate Administration

At Kraft Law Offices, we advise and assist executors, administrators, guardians, conservators and trustees with all aspects of trust and estate administration. To learn how our knowledge and skill can help you fulfill your duties in any of those roles, contact a caring probate attorney at Kraft Law Offices in Boston.  We are Massachusetts lawyers for the Probate Attorney Alliance.

When a loved one dies, coming to terms with the many emotions triggered by that event can itself be overwhelming. Dealing with unfamiliar procedures of the probate court, notice and accounting requirements, and other aspects of the probate process is all the more arduous during such a difficult time. It is important, therefore, to work with an attorney who is sensitive to your emotional needs and how those needs impact your legal needs.

Kraft Law Offices is a resource to help you through this challenging time. We guide you through each stage of the process from initial appointment to final distribution and can take on as much of the work as you need us to. Out-of-state executors and administrators appreciate our ability to handle all aspects of the estate's business, often without their needing to travel to Massachusetts at all. We are caring and sensitive to both your legal and emotional needs.

Similarly, we advise and assist trustees who have taken over responsibility for a trust after the person who established the trust has died. Trustees often have less court involvement than executors, but more complicated tax matters to address, including immediate post-mortem tax elections.

A death in the family can bring out the best or the worst in people - and often some of each. With emotions running high, it is easy for differences in viewpoints to erupt into major discord and conflicts to be blown out of proportion. Beyond purely legal counsel, we also can act as an independent intermediary to help overcome conflict and restore family relationships.

To learn more about how our caring, sensitive approach can help you in matters of probate and estate administration, contact a Massachusetts trusts and estates lawyer at Kraft Law Offices in Boston.