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Firm Overview

Wills, Trusts, Estates and Tax Planning Attorney in Boston

At Kraft Law Offices, our objective is to make estate planning a positive, empowering experience that leaves you feeling secure and protected, no matter what circumstances you may encounter in the future. We create plans that are flexible and adaptable to the events that may arise in your life, so you don't need to update your documents every time there is a change in your life situation.  Obviously, it is impossible to create a plan that covers every potential contingency, so we want our work with you to be the beginning of a lifetime relationship.  As your life situation does change in a way that requires an update to your plan, we want you to rely on us as trusted advisors to help you through whatever ups and downs you may encounter.  Contact us to learn more about your options and opportunities for ensuring the security of the people most important to you.

Our role is to educate you about potential problems you could encounter and the options available for addressing them; to provide the counseling you need to complete your planning so you thoroughly address all areas where you need protection; and to help guide you through any difficulties you may encounter. We create comprehensive documents that address not only the issues that motivated you to contact us, but also many others you may not be aware of, that may be just as important to you.

Creating wills, healthcare proxies and other documents is the tangible result of planning, but not the ultimate objective.  The reason to create planning documents is to make sure your directions are carried out, so that you and your loved ones are provided for and protected.  Documents which are not well thought out or don't completely reflect your wishes are of little value, and may be counterproductive.  It is important to work with an attorney focused on the intricacies of Estate Planning to help you think through as many contingencies as possible and make sure the documents produced are tailored to your specific life situation so those documents provide the greatest possible protection.

Whether your objectives include protecting and providing for your spouse, same-sex partner or children, making the most of your tax planning options, circumventing probate, guardianship or other court proceedings, avoiding family discord or merely making sure that your existing estate plan hasn't been affected by recent changes in the law, a dedicated attorney at Kraft Law Offices will provide caring, personalized service and a commitment to creating the most comprehensive security and protection possible.

For additional information about the full range of estate planning and probate services our firm provides, please contact a Massachusetts trusts and estates lawyer from Kraft Law Offices in Boston.