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GLBT Estate Planning

GLBT Estate Planning Considerations for Clients in Massachusetts

Kraft Law Offices is one of the only estate planning law firms in the Boston area with a specific focus on the needs of same-sex couples, gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals and LGBT families.  We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how we can work together to create security and peace of mind for you, your spouse or partner, and any others who are important in your life.

For many GLBT couples, their overriding concern is establishing protection and security for their partner or spouse.  Because the law is filled with presumptions favoring "traditional" couples and families, LGBT people must take extra steps to create the security, which traditional couples take for granted and obtain without any action on their part.  If you have children, providing for their safety and security is likely another primary objective.

For many individuals (regardless of sexual orientation) people other than the legally recognized next-of-kin may be the ones closest to you and the ones to whom you turn for support in time of need.  Many LGBT people, even those with close relationships to their biological family, may want some or all of their property to go to friends, extended family (for example, nieces and nephews) or charities - which requires special consideration in your will or trust.

All same-gender and non-traditional couples need to be careful about tax issues and take steps to avoid double-taxation of assets and other traps for the unwary.

While these considerations sometimes call for creating additional documents, for the most part they are addressed through subtle, but critical differences within the basic documents which are the foundation of every complete estate plan.  Effective planning for GLBT individuals requires a thorough understanding of how to approach planning from a gay or lesbian perspective and the provisions necessary to protect same-sex couples.  It involves much more than merely changing the pronouns in a plan designed for a traditional family.

At Kraft Law Offices, our experience working with lesbian and gay clients and our focus on the particular legal issues GLBT people face puts us in a unique position to effectively advise you and create documents that establish the security you need.  The plans we create not only address the issues you are aware of, but also are designed to head off uncertainty and potential conflict before it happens.  Our approach is caring, positive and sensitive to your concerns and needs.  We guide you through the estate planning process to make it an empowering experience, which is as easy as possible.

For additional information about how best to create security for yourself and the people close to you, please contact a Massachusetts GLBT-focused estate planning lawyer from Kraft Law Offices so we can discuss your individual situation, concerns and goals.