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Planning for Life, not just Death

Powers of Attorneys and Marital Agreements in Massachusetts

The philosophy of "plan now to prevent problems in the future" is most important regarding matters in your own life - since you are saving yourself from potential future hardship.

Planning in the Event of Incapacity

If an accident or illness left you unable to care for yourself, you would need someone to manage you affairs.  A durable power of attorney authorizes the individuals you have chosen to manage your financial and legal affairs when you can't and specifies how broad or narrow their power should be.  At Kraft Law Offices, we create comprehensive, detailed durable powers of attorney so your agent(s) have maximum flexibility to handle whatever situation may arise - even ones don't anticipate now.

A durable power of attorney is important for everyone, but absolutely critical for anyone who would want non-family members, or only certain family members but no others, to make decisions on their behalf, including anyone with strained family relations, same-sex and unmarried couples and lesbian and gay individuals.

Prenuptial, Postnuptial and Domestic Partnership Agreements

Half of all marriages end in divorce.  There are no reliable statistics for domestic partner relationships but the rate of breakups is likely just as high.  While no one wants to think about the worst case when planning for a life together, making provisions for the possibility of a future split, when everyone is happy and agreeable, can prevent untold conflict and heartache down the road.  At Kraft Law Offices, we approach negotiations with your fiancé, spouse or partner from the perspective of cooperation and making sure that everyone is taken care of fairly.  As with all our work, we want this to be a positive and empowering experience.

Planning for Financial Security

Financial planning is an important part of any comprehensive life planning and includes planning for retirement and establishing appropriate life insurance.  We implement any legal documents needed and work closely with financial planners who can make sure your financial security is just as strong as your legal protection.  We can refer you to financial planners we have worked with if you don't yet have one or would like to consider a change.

We work closely with you to understand your individual situation and needs, and then create customized documents that meet your unique needs.  To learn more about powers of attorney and how best to protect yourself and your loved ones, contact a Massachusetts estate planning attorney at Kraft Law Offices in Boston.