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Estate Planning Overview

Wills, Trusts and Estate Administration in Massachusetts

Estate Planning is a technical term for a simple concept: making provisions so that you and those who depend on you are cared for, and the things you own are managed and distributed the way you want, in the event a serious accident or illness left you unable to care for yourself or you were to die.  Estate planning is important for everyone, regardless of your age and no matter how much or little you may own.

At Kraft Law Offices, we create comprehensive, proactive estate plans that are customized to your specific life situation and needs, which address the following areas:

Medical care: You designate the person you want to make medical and end-of-life decisions if you are unable to do so for yourself; you ensure that person has access to medical information they need; and you provide instructions for the type of treatment you want administered or withheld.

Legal and financial matters: You authorize the person you have chosen to sign documents and manage your affairs if you are unable to do so for yourself.

Privacy and avoiding delays and costs of court proceedings: You empower the person you designate to manage your affairs immediately, without public court proceedings (conservatorship or guardianship), in the event you have an incapacitating accident or illness. You also can eliminate the need for probate of your estate after your death.

Creditor protection: You protect the value of your home (up to the legal limit) from lawsuits and creditors and can establish protection for the assets your survivors inherit.

Transfer of assets: You specify who will receive your property after your death and whether that happens immediately, in installments, or at a later time.

Tax benefits: You maximize what you pass on to your survivors by taking advantage of all available benefits and minimizing taxes due.

Guardian of children: You designate who should care for your minor children if no legally recognized parent is still living.

Your remains: You provide instructions for who will receive your remains, and your preference for the type of funeral or memorial service you want (if any).

Peace of mind: You strengthen your relationships and create an ongoing sense of security when you know you have done everything you can to establish legal rights that protect yourself and those you love.

Beyond planning for traditional families, our practice has a strong focus on the extra steps same-sex spouses and unmarried couples need to take to fully protect themselves in each of these areas.  Effective planning for the GLBT community requires a thorough understanding of how to create security for a couple as a unit, in the face of federal law that treats partners and spouses as if they were strangers, as well as familiarity with how social and family issues LGBT individuals face affect their planning.

Estate planning is an ongoing endeavor.  While it is impossible to know exactly what situations will arise in your life in the future, we draft our documents to be as flexible as possible - to cover both changes in the law and changes in your personal circumstances.  We approach our effort not from the perspective that our work is done when you sign your documents, but with the expectation and hope that we will continue to work together as your estate grows and as you encounter major life changes.

To learn more about estate planning, probate and estate administration, our practice and how we can help you create the security and peace of mind you need, please follow the links above to view the rest of our website, or contact us.  A Massachusetts trust and estate planning attorney from Kraft Law Offices in Boston will be happy to discuss your specific situation, concerns, needs and goals or set up a formal consultation.